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SYNC’D MOTION – New Bento Stands Pack for Men

Posted on Jan 26, 2018 by in Animations, Mainstore Releases, Male | 0 comments

Sync’D Motion__Originals – Simple Guy BENTO Stands Pack


Note: This pack of animations comes fully-loaded with 15 HQ Motion Capture stands — (ONLY) — straight from the studio! No AO HUD included. Will work with any HUD.


Included in this pack of animations:

– Smooth and fluid transitions (No stiffness, period);

– Ultra-realistic movements (Calm, soothing);

– Ultra Realistic, Subtle Breathing effect (In every animation);

– BENTO – Fingers are Lit!;

– Mesh Friendly! 🙂

*Each animation has been tested and retested, analyzed and re-analyzed to be certain that you are delivered with quality movement*



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