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Why Advertise?

Mainstoresl is a relatively new website which provides advertisers with a platform to advertise directly to shoppers in Second Life with a specific interest in main store shopping. A shopper is a shopper! Many of the people that view mainstoresl will shop at a variety of events and mainstores across Second Life so advertising is not limited to main stores only.

In our first full month mainstoresl had:

  • 13283 page views
  • 3028 unique visitors
  • 1684 slurls/tps opened directly from the website
Advertising Costs

Mainstoresl now offers Sidebar Advertising on the website on the following terms:

  • 250 x 250 px ratio
    • L$2000 for 4 weeks (500L$ per week)
    • L$5000 for 12 weeks (416L$ per week)
    • L$20000 for 52 weeks (384L$ per week)
  • 250 x 125 px ratio
    • LS1000 for 4 weeks (250LS per week)
    • L$2500 for 12 weeks (208L$ per week)
    • L$10000 for 52 weeks (192L$ per week)

Submission of this form does not constitute a contract.
Advertisements may be declined, or withdrawn without notice, or refund, for any of the following reasons:
*Your store is found to be selling copybotted items
*Your store is found to be selling items that infringe copyright or IP rights
*Your store is found to be selling stolen content of any kind reserves the right to decline any advertisement, without reason, at any time
Paid advertising with has no impact or effect on whether your items are selected to appear on the website.
Advertisements provided must be pg or moderate in nature, no adult material will be accepted for publication.

How to Book:

Before completing the booking form you should have an image prepared at either 250×250 px or 250 x 125 px in jpeg, png or animated gif format.

Complete Booking Request Form Here